Friday, February 5, 2010

Can Implanon give false positive on home pregnancy tests?

Just curious...if I were to suspect I am pregnant (and yes I know its a very, very, very low chance but there is still a chance) would the fact that I have Implanon give a false positive.Can Implanon give false positive on home pregnancy tests?
Nope. Nothing gives a positive pregnancy test except hcg, which is only present if you're pregnant, using some fertility meds, or have a very rare hormonal imbalance caused by health problems. A positive test is 99.5% accurate, meaning only .5% of positives are caused by medical issues or even fertility meds.Can Implanon give false positive on home pregnancy tests?
It is unusual, but it does happen on occasion that a woman will manage to produce the hormone on her own. That's extremely rare, however, as you've pointed out, especially since the amount a woman can create on her own is usually too little to cause a reaction on the test. If you're getting a positive on the pregnancy test (especially if you've taken more than one), I think it's safe to say that you are in fact pregnant.
Yes it can. Read the box of a pregnancy test, it tells you that certain fertility medications/procedures can cause a false -positive. This is do to the similarity in hormones that are given during treatments. Ask your physcian to do a blood test, that will show the correct answer. God luck!

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